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This is a rough guide for less experienced members to help plan a day out. This has not been written by a qualified instructor, and is designed to supplement information such as the MCofS's own information.

  • Start by making sure you're route is realistic given you and your groups abilities and experience.
  • Check the weather forcast, it is sometimes a good idea to check two for comparison. MWIS (the Mountain Weather Information Service) is normally the best place to start, you could also try the Met Office Mountain Area Forcast, or bbc weather
  • If its winter dont forget to check the avalanche reports on SAIS try to check a few days before you go and read each day as it comes out, it'll give you the best idea of what the conditions are and what the snows doing. This link explains how to read a snow profile.
  • Ensure you have a map (for the WHOLE of you're route), and compass, and know how to use them.
    • While GPS units can be very useful in the mountains it is a bad idea to be soley relient on them.
  • Make sure you have kit appropriate for the expected conditions and any emergencies. You should always carry waterproofs even if you are not expecting bad weather, and ideally be prepared to survive a night out on the mountain.
  • Have a plan B if the weather is worse than you expect, and know how much daylight you have, again, all the weather services listed above will show sunrise and sunset times.
  • Tell someone where your going and when you should be back
  • Have fun.