In January 1984, three members of Heriot-Watt University and Queen Margaret College Mountaineering Club (HWUMC), Graham Bell, Keith Bell and Kieran Connor, died of exposure in a horrific blizzard in the Cairngorms. A fourth member of the club, Derek Kilpatrick, who was with them managed to make his way back to the road leading to the ski centre and survived. All four were experienced mountaineers and their deaths were entirely due to atrocious weather conditions rather than any kind of incompetence on their part. These pages contain various photographs and extracts from newspaper articles published after the accident.

Following the accident a memorial fund was set up by the parents of the deceased mountaineers to subsidise hill-walking and mountaineering training courses for future members of HWUMC. The Bell-Connor Memorial Fund Trust continues to operate at present, contributing 50% of the cost of the winter skills courses at Glenmore Lodge attended by club members every year. The fund also finances club members attending the Good Practice Seminar, a seminar organised at Glenmore Lodge for current and likely-to-become committee members of Scottish university mountaineering clubs. A meeting of HWUMC representatives with the Bell-Connor Memorial Fund trustees takes place once a year.

The hut seen in the last page of the Scrap book is still in use today and is known as Mill Cottage (also known as the Bell Memorial hut) and is avalible to book through the MCofS.