How and where to get more info and join the club.

Its easy, just go to the Oriam reception and ask to join the mountaineering Club. If you already have an Oriam membership, it will only cost £5 for the year - what a bargin.

For a list of Oriam membership prices and other info, see here:


If you want more information feel free to contact the Committee via the contacts page, or by email to

Or simply come along on a Monday night to Sports Hall 2 at 18:00 and try your hand at climbing to see if its for you, join us for a drink to dicuss upcoming trips at Geordies afterwards.

Postgrads, Faculty and Staff

Are more than welcome to join, we'd love to have you. As with undergrad students, you will need the relevant Oriam membership.

Non Heriot-Watt Students

Students of other univeristies can technically join the club, unfortunatly this will still require a membership of Oriam, which is rather costly for those not associated with the univeristy.