If you are keen on climbing more than the club's Monday sessions at the Sports Centre, Edinburgh and the surrounding area offers a great range of opportunities.

Indoor climbing

  • Heriot Watt Sports Centre - The cheapest climbing wall in town, and on our own doorstep! Old style climbing wall that will eventually give you fingers of steel! Click here for a topographic description.
  • The Edinburgh International Climbing Arena - http://www.eica-ratho.com/. The EICA is 5 km from the Riccarton Campus and is the largest indoor climbing arena in the World - prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor when you walk in!
  • Alien Rock 1 - 8 Pier Placehttp://www.alienrock.co.uk. A converted old church in the Trinity area of Edinburgh is now 10 years old, and continues to be a favourite within the Edinburgh climbing scene! A few club members climb here on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Alien Rock 2 - West Bowling Green Sthttp://www.alienrock.co.uk. This is Scotland’s largest indoor bouldering wall, 10 minutes up the road from AR1.

Local crags

All described in the SMC Guidebook, "Lowland Outcrops" 

  • Rosyth Quarry - situated just across the Forth Road Bridge 
  • Blackford Hill - for gardening(!)
  • Salisbury Crags - Bouldering only - it’s a Royal Park, and people in uniform get upset at the sight of a rope 
  • Traprain Law - near Haddington, for polishing connoisseurs. 
  • North Berwick Law Quarry - including some strenuous Sport routes
  • Aberdour - a sea cliff known as The Hawkcraig. The route on fine pillar, 'Pain Pillar', is regarded as one of the best VS climbs in the area.