Here is a list of the trips we will be going on.

Week 15, Semester 2 2018/2019 Price: £0.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 18/05/2019 Returning: 18/05/2019
Blackmount, Glencoe Sign-up by: 17/05/2019 18:00 BST Signup closed

This is our annul Bell-Connor Memorial walk. It's a normal day trip, but we'll be going with a group of the alumni. Beer and crazy ex-member stries will follow!

EDIT: the trip is now free as a thank you to all our members for a great year and a chance to meet the Alumni of the club


Week 1, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £5.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 12/01/2019 Returning: 12/01/2019
Ratho Climbing wall Sign-up by: 12/01/2019 01:31 GMT Completed!

Setting of at 11, returning when everyone is done. Ratho is the largest indoor climbing wall in Europe, with loads of options for both lead climbing and top-roping.

Week 2, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £37.00 Spaces: 2 Leaving: 18/01/2019 Returning: 20/01/2019
Glenmore Lodge student Winter Skills Sign-up by: 15/01/2019 19:35 GMT Signup closed

Another great value glenmore lodge course, this time in winter!

Details available on their website, or you can ask some of our 2nd years who went on the course last year.


We have only been guaranteed 2 spaces, but if there are any cancellations nearer the time then you might still get on. This also means that we will prioritise younger members who will be remaining in the club for the next wee while.

Week 2, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £5.00 Spaces: 7 Leaving: 18/01/2019 Returning: 20/01/2019
Aviemore Sign-up by: 18/01/2019 13:56 GMT Signup closed

As we only have 2 spots on the glenmore lodge winter skills course there will be 7 more places on the minibus going up to Aviemore next weekend so if you didn't get onto the course but still want to do some winter hiking or climbing sign up here.

Price TBD but it shouldn't be much.

Week 3, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £5.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 26/01/2019 Returning: 26/01/2019
Arrochar Sign-up by: 25/01/2019 19:37 GMT Signup closed

No bus sunday either apparently guys sorry about that.

Meeting at the gear shed at 7:50, if you don't know where that is then just go to oriam reception.

Good options for winter climbing and hiking, The Cobbler is great but there are a few other munros in the area too.

Week 4, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £5.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 02/02/2019 Returning: 02/02/2019
Ben More & Stob Binnein Sign-up by: 01/02/2019 20:38 GMT Signup closed

Two great munros in the loch Lomand area, loads of good options in the area.

Info on the route here: 

Weather here: 

Nearest snow forecast: 

Meet at our gear shed at 08:30. (between Oriam gym and bus top opposite Leonard Horner. If you can't find it, meet us at Oriam reception)

Week 5, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £5.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 09/02/2019 Returning: 09/02/2019
Ben Macdui Sign-up by: 08/02/2019 19:40 GMT Cancelled

The second highest mountain in Britain, and a great (if pretty long) day out. Also apparently it's haunted so yeh theres that.

Week 6, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £24.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 15/02/2019 Returning: 17/02/2019
Invercroft - with Nick Carter Sign-up by: 15/02/2019 19:43 GMT Signup closed

On this weekend trip Nick Carter (a great mountain guide) will be joining us free of charge and taking a group out to do whatever they want to do and teaching them all about winter mountaineering.

Week 7, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £5.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 23/02/2019 Returning: 23/02/2019
Crainlarich Sign-up by: 22/02/2019 19:46 GMT Cancelled

Winter walking and climbing options, Cruach Ardrain, Ben Dorain, or Ben Lui.

Week 7, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £5.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 23/02/2019 Returning: 23/02/2019
North Berwick? Sign-up by: 23/02/2019 09:55 GMT Signup closed

Looks like not many people want to go hiking this weekend, but the weather is looking good so it's a good opportunity for some sport climbing so hopefully we can avoid cancelling if enough people are up for that.

North Berwick would be a good option I think, lots of good routes, not too far, suitable for beginners.


Meet at the shed for 10am

Week 8, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £30.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 02/03/2019 Returning: 02/03/2019
Indoor ice climbing at Kinlochleven Sign-up by: 27/02/2019 19:49 GMT Signup closed

Basically a huge fridge, but it's a great way to practice climbing ice in a safe environment. Good idea if you are wanting to get into ice climbing or just want to have fun.

Here is their website if you want to learn more

Week 9, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £15.00 Spaces: 40 Leaving: 09/03/2019 Returning: 09/03/2019
Ceilidh! Sign-up by: 06/03/2019 23:54 GMT Signup closed

The mountaineering club annual Ceilidh. Price is TBD, but will probably be around £15, more details will be available here or on the facebook page nearer the time.

Week 10, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £5.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 09/03/2019 Returning: 09/03/2019
North Berwick Sign-up by: 07/03/2019 19:55 GMT Signup closed

Back to rock! Hopefully with good enough weather

Week 11, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £30.00 Spaces: 5 Leaving: 23/03/2019 Returning: 24/03/2019
REC Emergency first aid course (on campus) Sign-up by: 22/03/2019 19:00 GMT Signup closed

A fantastic course we run every other year. John Glann will be giving certified instruction providing you with essential skills for mountaineering-specific first aid. You will achieve an REC Emergency first aid certificate at the end

Week 13, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £34.00 Spaces: 9 Leaving: 11/04/2019 Returning: 14/04/2019
Isle of Arran Sign-up by: 10/04/2019 14:42 BST Signup closed

Price includes transport, dinners, accomodation.

Lots of great climbing and hiking to be had, destination could change if the weather is looking really bad but we'll find somewhere good.

Week 15, Semester 2 2019/2020 Price: £65.00 Spaces: 18 Leaving: 19/05/2019 Returning: 23/05/2019
Skye Sign-up by: 17/05/2019 17:25 BST Signup closed

For the last trip of the year we plan on going to the Isle of Skye for 4 days (weather dependant).  Lots of climbing to be done and loads of amazing hiking options.

We'll be camping on a great campsite really close to the hills.