The Club runs a veriety of trips, we try to have something going on every weekend.
Please note, these are not guided tours, you are expected to have a plan appropriate to your experience and equipment, or to ensure someone more experienced is happy for you to join them. Do not expect to be taken out and guided.


To sign up for a trip you must have an approved account on this website. Click 'Register' in the top right of the site, fill in and submit the form. Once your account is approved, you will see a sign up button next to any open trips on the trip list.
At the beginning of the semester the comittee will check regularly to see if there are new accounts that need to be approved, however if after a day or so you are still unable to sign up for trips when logged in, please email or facebook us. 

Day Trips

Generally on a Saturday to a local mountain or climbing venue. Normally we will aim to leave Edinburgh by about 8 or 8.30 in the morning, and get back sometime in the evening, it really depends on where we go and what folk want to do. In winter we will normally leave much earlier (around 5am) to take advantage of the limited daylight.

The destination for these trips is normally determined by the weather and what people want to do. We try to mix between walking and climbing trips, and we will have a discussion at the pub on Wednesday nights (see social ) Details for each trip will be in the trip description on the trips list.

Cost: £3.5 for non drivers or £0 for drivers.
You must now pay for trips in advance, see Pay for Trips for details

Weekend Hut Trips

The club books a number of mountain huts in Scotland and other parts of the UK throughout the year. We aim to have a weekend trip every 3rd or 4th week. Having Friday and Saturday night in a hut allows us to leave campus on Friday evening and drive to the hut, have a full weekend to get stuff done and then drive back Sunday night. See the trip list for details of where we are going this semester.

Depending on the hut you will need to bring a sleeping bag, and sometimes a roll mat of some kind. A head torch is also generally a good idea.

Food: Normally we will buy a load of food to make big comunal dinners (Pasta and sauce, curry and rice are always favourits). If you prefer to opt out of these there's a check box on the signup page. You will need to bring your own food for breakfast, lunch and mountain snacks.

Cost: Will depend on the cost of the hut and the food. The way the cost for members is normally worked out is (Cost of Hut per Person)+(Estimated Cost of Food per Person)>(rounded up)([+£1 for non drivers] or [-£5 for drivers])

See Pay for Trips for details on how to pay. As of this year, we will not accept cash as payment.